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1. What is My Vibe Check? How does it work? 

My Vibe Check is a tool that gives counselors insight into the landscape of their students’ emotional wellness. With My Vibe Check, counselors can make informed decisions on how to best allocate their resources and ensure the physical and emotional safety of their student body. Students anonymously report their daily feelings through a secure questionnaire on our website. Their responses are then consolidated and presented to the counselors as easily digestible graphics. Counselors can see in real-time what the overarching emotional wellness trends of their student bodies are and can therefore tailor their curriculum and outreach to accommodate these changes. 

2. How does My Vibe Check help not only counselors but also students?

My Vibe Check helps school counselors notice if a student is at risk, which will allow students to receive the support they need. Additionally, the tool provides students journaling prompts and
online counseling resources.

3. How does My Vibe Check provide daily insights into students’ mental health? 

The platform provides a daily journaling prompt and questions allowing students to select a word that relates to how they feel so counselors understand students’ needs when they’re struggling. 

4. What kind of data is collected to provide students’ mental health insights?

There are questions such as “How’s it going?” and “What’s on your mind” We collect their daily feeling words to gauge their mental health.  

5. How accurate is My Vibe Check in identifying potential mental health issues in students? 

Counselors should not use My Vibe Check as the only tool to identify a student’s mental health issue. Instead, the website can be used to gauge the overall mood of students so that counselors can be alerted if the general trend is negative. 

6. Is the data collected from students’ use of My Vibe Check secure and confidential? 

There is no identifying information regarding the name or image of the student when they’re submitting their Vibe Check. When the student fills out the form(s), the student only selects their school, grade, and the name of their assigned school counselor (if applicable). 

7. How does My Vibe Check ensure that the data collected does not violate students’ privacy? 

My Vibe Check only tracks the school, grade level, and counselor of the student submitting the response, but there is no way of tying a specific entry back to a specific student. 

8. Can My Vibe Check be used by teachers, administrators, or other school staff

It is primarily for school counselors since it handles sensitive information from their students. Schools can decide if they’d like to extend access to other administrators. 

9. How does My Vibe Check provide support to guidance counselors in addressing the mental health concerns of students? 

My Vibe Check helps high school counselors to better understand their students' mental health through daily insights. My Vibe Check aims to compensate for the low counselor-to-student ratio in high schools by identifying high-risk students in a timely manner. 

10. What kind of training or support is required for guidance counselors to effectively use My Vibe Check? 

We will be holding instructional webinars for counselors interested in learning how to use the tool. You can contact us at for more information regarding these webinars. 

11. What do I do if I want to introduce my school to My Vibe Check? 

You can reach out to the team at and we can discuss a plan of implementation. You can also fill out this interest form.

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